Linda has been a familiar face at Hale for nearly a decade and she may just be the office favorite since she is the one who makes sure everyone is paid. But as the company’s controller, Linda has a long list of other essential duties capturing the entire financial picture.

Her role is an important one, making sure everything is in balance. Linda rolls up her sleeves to get the job done so that others can sleep at night. Because Hale works across so many state lines, she must oversee that all of the financial, sales and tax related items are always prepared and completed. But she isn’t afraid to dive in and help out on other projects when extra hands are needed. She can often be found decorating Christmas trees for some of Hale’s clients during holiday season. She’s done everything short of running a fork-lift around the warehouse floor.

Linda earned an Accounting degree from Bryant and Stratton College and has worked in the field for over 20 years, including many years in the insurance industry.

She also crunches the numbers outside of the office, volunteering as the treasurer at her local library. Her volunteer spirit doesn’t end there, as she crochets baby blankets for donation and enjoys giving her time to causes that Hale is also passionate about. But of course, her greatest pleasure comes from spending time with her grandchildren.

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