It’s possible to work your way from an entry level position to becoming the company President. Just ask Jim Rosenberg. He is proud of earning his start with Hale at just 17 years old, working part time, doing whatever needed to be done. From an early age, he learned how to make himself more valuable, working long hours, learning all he could. It’s a work ethic that took initiative.

Jim progressed through shop duties, to running shows, to working his way up to an Account Executive. Eventually he became the Vice President and today, is the man making sure that a 100 year legacy continues.

He has worn every hat and wouldn’t ask employees to do anything he hasn’t done himself, which doesn’t leave room for anything. He’s done so much for Hale throughout the years, when asked how he made it to the top rank, he is too humble to even answer.

He loves that with his company, everything is unique and says his employee’s dedication is what make it great. He notes that, “Everyone understands that the show has to open on time.”

Business Administration
Show Planning