Every company needs an Expert “Lumper” and at Hale, George has been working the part for 27 years.

If you ask him what he does, he will tell you he “lumps things around.” Don’t spoil it for him, but he does so much more, and it wouldn’t be the same without his vision. In reality, he is the irreplaceable Manager of the Graphics Department which oversees the production of all signs, banners and specially produced art displays. He also assists with the design and creation of special props.

So what does that all mean? Every event starts with a general idea or theme. George meets with the Account Executives to discuss ideas and options, develops rough sketches, proofs and final drawings before producing beyond memorable props and signs to scale. Each project is a challenge working under deadlines and time constraints, but it’s a challenge George and his team meet every single time.

It may be his ability to listen, willingness to adapt, staying organized with advanced schedules or his keen ability to anticipate the future, that makes his client’s visions possible.
He is proud to share his skill set with the community for events like Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees, which he serves on the Executive Committee. He also has served as Co-Chair of his church’s Lawn Fete, a 2 day highly anticipated event in Cheektowaga.

George has no other spare time, so he just hangs out at home with his dog.

Sign Department Management
Graphic Design
System Construction / Management