Since graduating from college in 1976, Don has been busy building Hale Northeastern into the company it is today. His role is so vital to the day to day operations, that it’s hard to list what exactly he does. Listing what he doesn’t do may be an easier task.

Don has worked in every conceivable position from his summer job days, setting up tables, hanging pipe and drape and being the fourth man on a four-man crew to his role as company Vice President.

Today he is responsible for financial decisions, overseeing how the entire company is run and making sure the right decisions are made each time. In addition, he continues operations duties: scheduling crews, shipping equipment, looking at floor plans and calculating “pick out” decisions. He takes the designs from the upstairs sales teams, sorts it all out and implements the action plan.

As Vice President, he makes sure Operations are ready to meet any challenge and understands that time is of the upmost importance to his clients.
Don maintains a commitment to “doing it right and doing it well. We hold the client’s hand from start to finish. We don’t just set the show and disappear, because their success is our success.” To deliver in a deadline driven business, he knows that the quality of equipment, level of service and employee dedication is imperative. He sums up his daily mission with a simple philosophy, “We will not cut corners or miss deadlines.”

A self-described sports enthusiast, Don holds season tickets to the Buffalo Sabres and Bills and loves to golf. A Buffalonian to the core, he has lived in the same North Buffalo neighborhood his entire life.

Director of Operations
Logistical Coordination
Show Planning