Chris could easily be Hale’s head cheerleader if he were not a busy Account Executive. He loves this place and his get-up-and-go attitude is a value-added benefit for his clients and their projects. He is a master multi-tasker.

Chris is accustomed to juggling a handful of big clients on a regular basis. Ingram Micro and the University at Buffalo are among his biggest accounts, but with constant communication with the operations team, he is able to deliver big on promises. Clients enjoy working with Chris because of the relationship he takes pride in building.
“I get it done right away and accommodate every request.”

Having a degree in Media Studies and a passion for creativity, this job allows Chris to be artistic from inception, working with different materials and teams to create cool stuff. Though his events begin behind a desk, he is out and involved from start to finish.

In his spare time, Chris says he is busy accomplishing his wife’s never ending To Do List. Dad to two kids, he loves to play volleyball and hockey, and play his guitar. . Unlike some of his co-workers, he is not a city guy. Born and raised in Buffalo, he now makes his home out in the country.

If you’re lucky enough to work with Chris, he might just offer you a cherry ring pop from his candy stash. Where else would his energy come from?

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