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Over One Hundred Years of Service, Over One Hundred Years of Pride… See our historical photogalleryHale Employee on Ladder - Turn of 20th Century


The year 2001 marked the 100th year anniversary of service for Hale Northeastern, Inc. (also known as Hale Expo Services).  Over the past 100 years our company has successfully serviced the tradeshow and special events industries.  This has been accomplished by forging strong partnerships with our clients, by providing quality workmanship and equipment and by our loyal and dedicated staff.  Today, Hale Northeastern, Inc. has grown into an International company servicing events all over the United States and parts of Canada out of offices located in Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY and Denver, CO.

In the Beginning
Hale Northeastern, Inc. had its start in 1901 during the Pan American Exposition that was held in Buffalo, NY.  The Pan American Exposition was a world class event that introduced the world to AC electricity and had many notable attendees. The Pan American Exposition was lacking in its needs for decorating support, so a local florist named George D. Hale stepped in to fill it.  This is how Hale was born.

Initially only decorating with lattice and ferns, George D. Hale extended his services by using festooning, bunting and flags to add more festivity to the Pan American Exposition.  By going the extra mile and paying attention to the finest detail, George's work paid off and he began receiving calls for decorating needs of expositions in cities such as Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit and Kansas City.

The company prospered and grew under George D. Hale’s tenure.  However, in time, the control of Hale was transferred to George’s son; George D. Hale Jr.  Unfortunately, George Jr. took charge during our country’s worst economic time period, The Depression.  During this time, the exposition and special event industry took a turn for the worst and the need for decorating services was limited. Although it was a struggle, George Jr. was able to keep Hale in business.


War Bonds TruckWhen World War II broke out, it brought with it an increase in business for Hale.  There were many patriotic rallies that required flags and bunting. In addition, area defense plants such as Curtis Wright, Bell Aircraft, and A.C.F. also relied on Hale to provide a patriotic atmosphere in their assembly facilities.
By the end of World War II George Jr. had passed the leadership of the company to his sons Neil and Don.  The Hale brothers enjoyed a rebirth of the exposition, and Hale thrived as the country retooled to satisfy the needs of the vibrant economy and new public interests.


History during the time Neil and Don controlled the company is limited, but due to ailing health in 1950, Neil sold Hale to a local former food executive named Charles Howell.  Coming from a different background, Charles was diligent and learned the business quickly.


Under Charles Howell, Hale saw its growth into the international market.  In 1957, Hale secured the position of general service contractor for the Canadian Furniture Show.  Shortly after this, Charles opened Hale’s Canadian Division that began servicing the Greater Toronto area.  The Canadian Division of Hale became very profitable in a short time.  It wasn’t long after its creation that the Canadian Division of Hale performed one half of the company’s business.


Charles’ son Richard Howell a former school teacher took interest in the company and joined his father in running the company in 1962.  Charles eventually retired, passing full control of Hale to Richard.


In 1969, Richard decided to rename Hale to Hale Northeastern, Inc.  At that time, Hale Northeastern, Inc. employed 6 full-time workers.  Richard, together with his wife Janet, developed new areas of interest through a strong association with national and Buffalo based exposition management firms.


Management firms such as:
• American Institute Of Biological Sciences
• Family Motorcoach Association
• Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association
• Southex Exhibitions, Inc.  (which was acquired by dmg world media)


The opening of the Buffalo Convention Center in 1978 brought increased interest in the local tradeshow, convention and special events industries.  Hale Northeastern, Inc. expanded its inventory be able to handle the new needs of the local market.  At this time, Richard and Janet Howell began to develop cohesive partnerships with clients and began integrating themselves with all aspects of show planning, organization and implementation.  This was the birth of Hale Northeastern, Inc. becoming a full service general tradeshow contractor.


In 1994, after many memorable years and thousands of successful events, Richard and Janet Howell looking at retirement graciously offered the ownership of this historic and progressive company to their loyal and dedicated employees.


Today Hale Northeastern, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned company.  This is very beneficial to our clients because each Hale employee owner has a vested interest in making sure that all events that we do are the most successful and prosperous as possible.

The employee owners at Hale Northeastern are truly proud and grateful for all of the great men and women who preceded them.  Through all of their efforts, they have branded Hale Northeastern, Inc. with a name that’s synonymous with quality, dependability and professionalism.  They have built a legacy that we hold in highest regards.

"Expositions are the timekeepers of progress. They record the world’s advancements. They stimulate the energy, enterprise, and intellect of the people, and quicken human genius….Who can tell the new thoughts that have been awakened, the ambitions fired, and the high achievements that will be wrought through this exposition?”

Excerpt from President McKinley’s address at the Pan American Exposition, September 5, 1901.


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Liz Benkovich - Regional Manager, dmg world media

"The service that Hale provides is a reflection of dmg. Exhibitors often think we are one in the same. We have done business with Hale for over 22 years and attribute this partnership as a key element to building fruitful exhibitor relationships."


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